How a California Employment Lawyer Helps Protect Employee Rights

22 Nov

No matter if you were born in the US or immigrated to the country, your employment in California is protected by law. Nevetherless, an employer may still breach your entitlements, compelling you to hire an abogado to help seek recourse. Legal recourse is possible in numerous cases of employment rights breach, for instance underpaid workers, hazardous workplace conditions, and protection of new immigrant's labor rights.

Abogado Condiciones Inseguras can help resolve numerous employment rights disputes as explained below:

Minimum Wage Violations

The state of California stipulates a minimum wage of 10.5 dollars per hour as from January 1, 2017. When a company disobeys the labor law and pays lower than the minimum compensation, they're forced to pay the victim liquidated damages as well as other stipulated penalties. Such damages imply compensation for any kind of loss or injury that an employee suffers after their employer fails to pay them the minimum wage.

A Dangerous Workplace

An employer is required by law to ensure a safe environment for their staff. So, an employer has to implement common sense protocols and provide training, and gear to guarantee their employees are safe while working. When your company neglects their responsibility, resulting to your being injured, you can claim worker's compensation and much more. Feel free to let an employment lawyer assess the situation because the employer may have to pay you compensatory and punitive damages also. Know more about laws at

Immigration Labor Protection

California labor codes prohibit employers from telling on their immigrant personnel's status to the immigration department or threatening to. So in case you're in California illegally and protesting that your pay is under the minimum requirement, your boss may not disclose or threaten to disclose your status to the immigration department to get you to abandon your poor pay grievances. Any employer that violates the specific California labor laws regarding unfair immigration-related practices may have to pay up to $10,000 in civil penalties per worker for each violation.

Discrimination Codes

You cannot be treated unfairly by your employer in California based on your race, gender, sexual orientation, among other tributes, labor laws dictate. In addition, California laws prohibit discrimination against whistleblowers. Thus, in case you notice a violation of a local regulation by your employer, you may reveal it and not face dire consequences. Employees who report any illicit conduct they suspect at the workplace are also protected by these whistleblower laws.

You can count on an employment attorney to help you out any of the possible workplace problems in California. Let the Abogado No Remunerados resolve your minimum wage complaint, risky work conditions, and discrimination against immigrant workers.         

Engage a California employment lawyer for legal recourse in case your rights as a worker are not being upheld.

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